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((paper wire exit))


to become a member, you must apply at this post by:

-Having the keyword *found in the rules or userinfo* as the subject to your post
People- we don't want you to actually write the above as your subject title. You need to go and look in the userinfo for the super sekrit code word which shows us you have actually read the rules. Thank you.

-Introducing yourself with your name, the name of the journal you post your icons at, and the username you will be using to post icons at this community.

-showcasing between 7 and 13 *no more, no less* of what you consider to be your best or most recent icons.

In order to be accepted, you must be approved by both paperwirexit, and emily_reich, the maintainers of this community.

The only reason the maintainers must approve you is that this is a closed community for the best of the best. paperwirexit does not consider herself to be the best iconmaker of any fandom, but she is one of the maintainers. Therefore, she is currently among the two people who must grant access.

-If applying, you must be able to handle constructive criticism. Elite communities are not around for the purpose of telling iconmakers they don't deserve to be members, they are here to help iconmakers improve their standards, and to supply LJ members with high quality icons.

-No bashing or flaming of members.


If accepted, check your invites here
Tags: apply, mod

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