March 26th, 2006


35 BSG/SG-1/SGA icons

[1-21 BSG - mostly Six/Gaius, Kara, and Roslin]
[22-25 SG-1 - mostly Sam and Replicarter]
[26-35 SGA - mostly Ronon, Ancients, and the team]

No spoilers.

Comment and credit when snagging, thank you. I *love* feedback. No hotlinking, please.

The rest can be found here

Beta Request

I'm currently making a vid. Mostly Shep/Weir, elements of McShep.
I was wondering if anyone would help me out by betaing it?
Preferably someone who has made some vids themselves, or betaed them before.
Thank you.

[Apologies for the potential spelling errors].