March 16th, 2006



Err...maybe I should warn you...because I made Jack/John icons....of the manip kissing and stuff? I blame it all on kuwodora. *g* Hope you are inspired now Hon. *nudges* I have the bigger images too if you wanna see the manips in large. But the quality really sucks because of the terrible quality of the Joe caps...if anyone has Cupid caps of a better quality I'd looove to knwo where to find them. *bats eyes*

[x] SGA (all sorts. Sparky, characters etc, S2 images but not spoilery I think)
[x] SG-1 (Abyss, SJ, div.)
[x] manips (John/Jack)

Most of them were made for challenges.

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* blanks aren't bases.

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* remember sg_awards, please?


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